miércoles, 9 de julio de 2008

Tormenta de ideas en Ubuntu: Juegos de pago en Ubuntu

Cuando uno se aburre tiende a navegar por Internet, mirar tutoriales en foros, o colaborar en algo. En esta ocasión me ha dado por añadir una propuesta en la comunidad de Ubuntu (podéis hacer clic en la imagen de arriba), a continuación os dejo el texto por si tenéis problemas al entrar en la página (por cansancio no lo traduzco al castellano, que ya he tenido que pensarlo para ponerlo en inglés como para ponerlo otra vez del derecho).

El resto de mis ideas aquí:


New PAY-Games in Ubuntu

One of the problems to put Ubuntu in normal PCs are: GAMES, Office, Editing (Photoshop, Premiere, After, Final Cut...).

My proposal is that Linux Community speak with important companies (Valve, IA), and the L.C. offer it a special software to use Linux, making the most of Wubi.

Wubi is used to introduce Ubuntu in Windows like a normal program, I think that we can do the same for Games. I explain it:

Windows suck a lot of resources, and is demostrated that applications run better in Linux, only depends of libreries, and drivers of 3D cards in games. OpenGL is better than DirectX and give less problems.

We can negotiate a solution with Game companies. The games run better in Linux, and now is more normal to have a “emulator” of SO, o to have two SO to run when the PC start, then, if a game, have more resources for itself running in MS-DOS, Why do have to use Windows?

My idea in the future:

I buy Half Life 3, I put the CD Game, I’m user of Windows XP/Vista/7 or MAC, an appear the installation setup:

You have 3 options to Install Half life 3:

  1. If you have Linux, you can reboot your Pc, and mount this CD, the install is “half life.deb” (for example).
  2. If you have Linux, but you don’t want install in it Half life 3, you can create other Linux, “Valve Linux”, with Wubi o reboot this PC, and check the option in this live CD.
  3. If you don’t have Linux, check this option, this setup with Wubi, you will create a “Valve Linux” (a modified Ubuntu distribution). Don’t scare! Nothing will pass!, when you want, you will can uninstall this Linux (and the game), like other program.


Linux run perfectly in PC and MACs. Then you don’t have to program the game for various SO, only for One, “Linux”.

Linux is better, more stable, more fast, and you will have more resources for the things that you really need, ¡your applications! (games, editing, movies HD...).

AMD is now opening it drivers. And Nvidia make drivers for Linux, ok, I know it, Nvidia drivers are no very powerfull for Linux, but think one thing: When a popular game, like assassins creed, half life 2, diablo 2, doesn’t work well, not for the programation of the game, if not by the 3D card, in 1 o 2 weeks, ATI & Nvidia, make the patch. If the game is only in Linux, ATI & Nvidia will don’t have problems to make the patch, and in this way we obtained a stable game, and improve in graphic controllers :D.

Your game don’t will have viruses in Linux (no a lot like in Windows).

More easy and transparent than install in Windows.